Sprint / Verizon 4G / Verizon 3G / US Cellular Phones on Page Plus

Sprint EVO? US Cellular Galaxy S3? Sprint HTC ONE?


We can put them onto Page Plus with Talk, Text, Web working!

We now remote flash!! All you need is a Computer, High Speed Internet, and Data Cable to hook phone to computer!


This is a service we offer all of our valuable Instant Page Plus Activations customers.

Do you have a Sprint Or US Cellular phone you want to put onto Page Plus?

Maybe you have a great android phone like the Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, or maybe you even have an US Cellular Galaxy Mega you want to use on Page Plus?

We can put any just about any phone (except for Blackberries and Iphones) regardless of if the ESN is bad (verizon bad esn not allowed) or not, onto Page Plus Cellular!

After you pay, we will contact you to set up an appointment time, at the time of appointment, a technician will contact you and walk thru the very few things you need to do on your end, after you are ready to go, the technician takes over and will program your phone, usually in less than 20 minutes!!

We also will do the ESN Change for FREE if you purchase this service and you are an existing Page Plus customer.

Your purchase of this service also includes FREE priority return shipping with included tracking back to you!

Get Your Sprint / Verizon 4G or US Cellular Phone On Page Plus For Only $44.99

Any questions or concerns before purchase please email us at Support@InstantPagePlusActivations.com

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 Its easy, purchase service above and we do the rest!!

    We can not be responsible for phones that are unable to be activated for any reason and unfortunately we are unable to give activation refunds. We will work with you to facilitate a successful activation if problems due arise just email us at Support@InstantPagePlusActivations.com




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